Tue / Thu Extra Fall Leagues

The Tuesday and Thursday leagues will have a shorter, second fall season. The dates will be:

Tuesday: Nov 1 - Dec 20, Fee: $320
Thursday: Nov 3 - Dec 22 (No Matches Nov 24), Fee: $280

Registration is now open!

Interested In Coaching?

The Northern Valley Volleyball Club is looking for coaches. If you're interested in coaching, contact Doyle. There are many other clubs looking for coaches as well. You can visit CEVA for a list of clubs looking for coaches.

Want to improve some skills?

The North Pacific Juniors volleyball club will be running adult skills clinics. For more information visit the NPJ web site.

*Not affiliated with the SVA

2016 Fall Dates

Here are the dates for the 2016 fall leagues:

  • Monday Coed: Sept 12 - Nov 14
  • Tuesday Women's / Reverse Coed: Aug 16 - Oct 11
  • Thursday Coed: Aug 18 - Oct 13
Registration is now open!

2016 Summer Dates

Here are the dates for the 2016 summer leagues:

  • Monday Coed: June 6 - August 8
  • Tuesday Women's / Reverse Coed: May 31 - July 26
  • Thursday Coed: June 2 - August 4
Registration is now open!

Spring 2016 League Winners


A Bracket: TBD
B Bracket: TBD
C Bracket: TBD
D Bracket: TBD


A Bracket: Sunset Bombers
B Bracket: Superchick


A Bracket: Hello... It's me
B Bracket: Team Green

Winter 2016 League Winners


A Bracket: Seth's New Brain
B Bracket: Crystal
C Bracket: EZ Pass
D Bracket: Bump Uglies


A Bracket: Beauty and the Beasts
B Bracket: S2S


A Bracket: Caution, Wet Floor
B Bracket:Crystal

Significant Changes

There are some changes that all players need to be aware of:

  1. New Net Rule:
    11.3.1 Contact with the net by a player between the antennae, during the action of playing the ball, is a fault. The action of playing the ball includes (among others) take-off, hit (or attempt) and landing.
  2. Score Changes:
    Single sets will no longer be played to 30 points in any league.
    • Mondays: Matches 2/3 to 25 with a 27 point cap. Third game, if necessary, to 15 with a 17 point cap.
    • Tuesdays and Thursdays: Matches 2/3 to 25 with NO CAP. Third game, if necessary, to 15 with NO CAP.

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Change of Address for SVA

We have a new mailing address, effective immediately:

Salem Volleyball Association
900 State St F215
Salem OR 97301

Rules Reminders

Here are a few rules that are commonly asked about:

  • Do not enter an adjacent court to play or retrieve a ball.
  • If the ball touches the ceiling or any overhead object inside the court boundaries the ball remains in play.
  • If the ball touches the ceiling or any overhead object outside the court boundaries the ball is out of play.

Sportsmanship rules are strictly enforced. Review them here.

A Waiver must be signed by each player before playing. Printable waivers

If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, or complaints please pass them along. The league depends on our volunteers so we need your help. We have room for a few more people who want to become more involved.

New on the site:




About us:
The Salem Volleyball Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization designed with the sole purpose of providing adult (18+ yrs) volleyball for people in and around the Salem, Oregon area. Sportsmanship rules are strictly enforced. Players are required to sign a Personal Conduct Agreement.

Looking for juniors (girls 18 and under) volleyball? Visit our friends over at the Salem Volleyball Club.