Missing Volleyballs

Recently, we've started replacing our old Tachikara volleyballs with new Wilson balls. Due to the large number of Tachikara balls that arrive defective and/or stop holding air, we've decided to switch to the more dependable Wilson ball.

Unfortunately, we've already lost 2 of the brand new Wilson volleyballs. One was taken from Stephens court 4 last season and the other was taken from the adult clinics held at The Hoop on Thursday, March 19. If you or someone you know accidently grabbed one and took it home, please return it. It's an easy mistake since most players did not know the red, white, and blue Wilson balls are the new SVA official ball.

More Teams Needed

There is space for more teams in all 3 leagues.

Due to last-minute entries, the schedules for the leagues will not be posted online until 3:00pm the first day of matches.

Winter 2015 League Winners

Monday Coed

A Bracket: Team GOLD
B Bracket: Short Staff
C Bracket: Free Agents
D Bracket: Airborne

Tuesday Women's

A Bracket: Willamette

Sunday Coed

A Bracket: Disco Ninjas

Spring 2015 League Dates


March 30 - June 8 (9 weeks)
No Matches: April 27 & May 25


March 24 - May 19


March 26 - May 21

Spring league emails were sent out. If you did not get an email with the spring league information, email Doyle to be added to the mailing list.

Fall 2014 League Winners

Monday Coed

A Bracket: LOS PUMAS
B Bracket: The Bulldog Pirates!
C Bracket: Bump Uglies
D Bracket: Spaceballs

Tuesday Women's

A Bracket: Sunset Bombers
B Bracket: S2S

Thursday Coed

A Bracket: Team GOLD
B Bracket: Dean Hamptons

Summer 2014 League Winners

Monday Coed

A Bracket: Block Party
B Bracket: Short Staff
C Bracket: Airborne

Tuesday Women's

A Bracket: Beauties and the Beast
B Bracket: Freeballers

Thursday Coed

A Bracket: Team GOLD
B Bracket: Blind Draw

Significant Rule Change:

Encroachment into the opponent’s court with any part(s) of the body is permitted, provided some part of the body remains either in contact with or directly above the center line, and there is no interference with opponents. In addition, completely crossing the center line with the foot, feet or hands, or encroachment with other body parts, must not present a safety hazard to opponents.

What it means:
There are 3 ways a player can fault by encroaching under the net:

  1. A player goes COMPLETELY accross the center line with his/her entire body.
  2. A player goes under (even a little) and interferes with the opponents ability to play the ball.
  3. A player goes under and presents (in the referee's opinion) a safety hazard.
What is different:
Previously, I could not interfere or have my entire foot cross the center line. However, if I had my heel still in contact or above the center line and my opponent landed on my foot, there was no fault. Now, I may cross the line as long as I do not interfere or present a safety hazard. So, if I had my heel still in contact or above the center line and my opponent landed on my foot, it's a fault due to a safety hazard. Also, if I encroach over the center line and it is judged as a safety hazard, even if no contact was made, it's a fault.

Pro Tip

When line judging, try to look at the floor and see the ball hit it, rather than watching the ball the entire way. It's much easier to keep your eyes on a stationary object than a fast-moving one.


Reminder: Sportsmanship is very important in the SVA. Please refrain from making rude comments (out loud or under your breath) to the other team or the officials. Also, please be honest and call yourself if you commit a fault that an official did not see.

Ball Handling Guidelines

Confused on which sets to whistle and which to let go? You can view the ball handling guidelines here.


Some rules reminders:

  • No swearing. If a players is heard swearing, it's a point and side-out to the opposing team.
  • You may borrow up to 2 players from the officiating team on any regular night but not finals.
  • Court-side officials must be standing and may not use phones or mp3 players during the match.

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Change of Address for SVA

We have a new mailing address, effective immediately:

Salem Volleyball Association
900 State St F215
Salem OR 97301

Rules Reminders

Here are a few rules that are commonly asked about:

  • Do not enter an adjacent court to play or retrieve a ball.
  • If the ball touches the ceiling or any overhead object inside the court boundaries the ball remains in play.
  • If the ball touches the ceiling or any overhead object outside the court boundaries the ball is out of play.

Rules Information Available Online

The official volleyball rules, also known as the Domestic Competition Regulations, are available online for reading and downloading (pdf format). A print version is available to order for a small fee. You can find the entire rule book, individual chapters, and print version ordering information on the USAV website: http://usavolleyball.org/pages/2495

A 4-minute instructional video is available to watch online that provides examples and illustrations of the new net violation rules. The video is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGCD8wE50Iw

Sportsmanship rules are strictly enforced. Review them here.

A Waiver must be signed by each player before playing. Printable waivers

If you have ideas, suggestions, comments, or complaints please pass them along. The league depends on our volunteers so we need your help. We have room for a few more people who want to become more involved.

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About us:
The Salem Volleyball Association is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization designed with the sole purpose of providing adult (18+ yrs) volleyball for people in and around the Salem, Oregon area. Sportsmanship rules are strictly enforced. Players are required to sign a Personal Conduct Agreement.

Looking for juniors (girls 18 and under) volleyball? Visit our friends over at the Salem Volleyball Club.